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Stop Press:

Please could all Members look at the Rehearsal Schedule tab to note some important comments on the Haydn scores.


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On the social WhatsApp site of Highland Medical Society, a GP from up north has put out an appeal for anyone interested in becoming the conductor of Lairg Gaelic Choir, which is actually based between Lairg and Golspie.  

We have been asked to circulate this to Choral members, since some members come from up that way.  We have been advised that knowledge of Gaelic is NOT a requirement.

An initial contact can be made to 'Lizzie' at ezsutherland@gmail.com.  

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We've also been asked to draw the following to members' notice as quite a few of the Choral went to this event two years ago:


We've also been asked to publicise the following:

To all at the Inverness Choral Society, We are looking for women+ singers and singing enthusiasts to take part in a unique performance in the Cairngorms this year, as part of an ongoing project we are working on called Into The Mountain. Into The Mountain is a place-sensitive performance project by artist Simone Kenyon, inspired by the writing of Nan Shepherd. I wondered if any of your members might be interested in this unique opportunity, and if so, please could you share it with them? We are running two taster sessions in Braemar and Aviemore in February- there is more information about these, and the performance on the project website here: [please copy and paste the following links into your browser. Ed]. http://www.intothemountain.co.uk/project/open-call-for-singers/. The call out is also listed on Facebook here: Aviemore: https://www.facebook.com/events/842326546107600/ Braemar: https://www.facebook.com/events/2721948631364397/

If you have any questions, or any further ideas about who to share this with, please do get back in touch. Best wishes, Jenny -- Jenny Salmean Programme & Communications Manager Ongoing project: Simone Kenyon | Into the Mountain Summer 2018 — Spring 2019.




Rehearsals resumed on Monday, 7th January 2019.  

Scores and Practice Tapes: If you still require scores of Haydn's 'Nelson Mass' and Rutter's 'Magnificat', please let Angus Bethune know (01463 242180; angus.bethune@btinternet.com).  

Sheila has prepared practice CDs for the Spring concert repertoire and they are available for purchase @ £2 each - on the table at the back of the hall.  

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Important notice for all members:

Inverness Choral Society is now listed on Easy Fundraising which is a portal that you should go through to order anything online.

Typically about 3% of your purchase price is donated to the Society, plus of course Gift Aid which fairly mounts up over time.  For example if you pay your car or home insurance by this method, the contribution to the Society can amount to £30 - £40 which with a large group such as ours could be quite significant.

To enter Easy Fundraising enter Google and type in Easy Fundraising.  Up comes the portal and you type in Inverness Choral Society where it says "Search for a cause".  Then on the left where it says "Browse Retailers" click this and from there you can navigate your way to your retailer of choice.

Please don't forget to use this.  You will see that you also have the option to set Easy Fundraising as a default.  We could generate quite a sizeable income through this site.

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Rehearsals begin punctually at 7.30 pm so please be in your seat in good time. The conductor appreciates it if you listen to his explanations and instructions and refrain from chatting whilst he is rehearsing other sections of the choir. You should bring a pencil and eraser to each rehearsal, in order to mark your scores with the conductor's directions.

At the start of each term, the conductor provides a list of the sections to be rehearsed each week. You are expected to do a little homework before the rehearsal!

If you are singing in the concert at Eden Court, you must attend the dress rehearsal and be in your seat 15 minutes before both the rehearsal and the concert begin, i.e usually at 1.45 pm for the 2 pm rehearsal and 7.20 pm for the concert at 7.30 pm.


For formal occasions, concert dress is black for everyone: long black skirt or dress trousers and long-sleeved black blouses or tops for ladies, and black trousers and black open-necked shirts for gentlemen. Black shoes for all.

The informal dress for public events such as the annual Carolthon, coffee mornings and rehearsals at Eden Court is the choir's uniform in royal blue with its logo on the left breast.  A variety of sweatshirts, polo shirts, t-shirts and fleeces is available and can be ordered at the rehearsal break from Muriel Watson.


Music for each concert will available for purchase or hire at the first rehearsals in August and January. Sheila Bruce also prepares practice CD's of the individual voice parts. These are available for purchase at the rehearsal.  The price currently is £2.


For 2018/2019 the subscription is £90, £25 for under 18s and full time students. This is for the full session until the spring 2019 concert and is payable within three weeks of restarting rehearsals in August 2018. There is no reduction if you decide to attend only one half session! 

If you are a former member rejoining in January, the full fee of £90 is payable. However, if you are rejoining after an absence of more than two complete sessions you will be treated as a new member and will be entitled to pay the new member's sub of £45 (students £12.50). 

If you can't make the first rehearsal, you can usually join within the following two weeks.  But if you have to miss three or more rehearsals overall you won't be able to sing in the concert.



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