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(In order to access the password-protected members' page, please use the slightly different URL and login details given by Mary Thomson to all members. The website is www.invernesschoral.org.uk/login.asp)


On 24th March 2018 we will lead a Messiah from scratch in Ness Bank Church, Inverness. The soloists will be from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, the conductor will be John Crombie, and at the organ will be our own Gordon Tocher.  There will be a practice in the afternoon with the main event in the evening.  We hope that many people - members of the choral and others - will come along and take part. Further details will follow.


Spring 2018 performance - Sunday 22 April:

Handel - Alexander's Feast


Autumn 2018 performance - Saturday 17 Novembe

Karl Jenkins: The Armed Man and other pieces.


New members are welcome to join us on 8th January 2018 when we begin rehearsing Handel's Alexander's Feast - see New Members tab.

The previous arrangements regarding attendance at rehearsals will continue.  All returning members should have re-joined by Monday 28th August. 



Rehearsals begin punctually at 7.30 pm so please be in your seat in good time. The conductor appreciates it if you listen to his explanations and instructions and refrain from chatting whilst he is rehearsing other sections of the choir. You should bring a pencil and eraser to each rehearsal, in order to mark your scores with the conductor's directions.

At the start of each term, the conductor provides a list of the sections to be rehearsed each week. You are expected to do a little homework before the rehearsal!

If you are singing in the concert at Eden Court, you must attend the dress rehearsal and be in your seat 15 minutes before both the rehearsal and the concert begin, i.e usually at 1.45 pm for the 2 pm rehearsal and 7.20 pm for the concert at 7.30 pm.

DRESS CODE - NB: Updated as of 11.9.17

For formal occasions, concert dress is now black for everyone: long black skirt or dress trousers and long-sleeved black blouses or tops for ladies, and black trousers and black open-necked shirts for gentlemen. Black shoes for all.

The informal dress for public events such as the annual Carolthon, coffee mornings and rehearsals at Eden Court is the choir's uniform in royal blue with its logo on the left breast.  A variety of sweatshirts, polo shirts, t-shirts and fleeces is available and can be ordered at the rehearsal break from Sarah Crawshaw.


Music for each concert will available for purchase or hire at the first rehearsals in August and January. Sheila Bruce also prepares practice CD's of the individual voice parts. These are available for purchase at the rehearsal.  The price currently is £2.


For 2017/2018 the subscription is £75. This is for the full session until the spring 2018 concert and is payable within three weeks of restarting rehearsals in August 2017. There is no reduction if you decide to attend only one half session! 

If you are a former member rejoining in January, the full fee of £75 is payable. However, if you are rejoining after an absence of more than two complete sessions you will be treated as a new member and will be entitled to pay the new member's sub of £37.50.  

If you can't make the first rehearsal, you can usually join within the following two weeks.  But if you have to miss three or more rehearsals overall you won't be able to sing in the concert.


Below is a translation of the extra work we're performing in November: Haydn's Insanae et vanae curae, together with some background information about the piece.

(Hob. XX:1/13c, 1775)
(Idiomatic translation and information)

Foolish and vain thoughts invade our minds;
Rage often fills our hearts instead of secret hope.
What good does it do for you, O mortal, striving for worldly things,
If you neglect the heavens?
All things work in your favour, if God is on your side.

For the revival in the Burgtheater, Vienna in March 1784, Haydn modernized his oratorio "Il ritorno di Tobia". He added the choruses "Ah, gran Dio" and "Svanisce in un momento", the second of which, called "Der Sturm", was reworked in the sacred motet "Insanae et vanae curae". This was an authentic or an authorized parody.

The beginnings of Haydn's motet Insanae et vanae curae (Insane and stupid worries flood our mind) began in 1775 with the composition of his first oratorio Il ritorno di Tobia (The Return of Tobias). The work written to an Italian liberetto was first performed in 1775 in Vienna and was a resounding success. But by 1781 the public's musical taste had changed so much that another planned performance in Vienna in 1781 failed to materialize due to lack of interest. Haydn revised the work and in 1784 a performance of the revision was performed in a benefit concert in Vienna. The oratorio had one more performance in 1808, after which Haydn took one of the choral numbers from the oratorio and rewrote it to a Latin text.

While Il ritorno di Tobia was popular in its day, it could not compete with Haydn's two masterpieces in the form The Creation and The Seasons. Perhaps that is why Haydn extracted this fine choral piece from it and revised it as a stand-alone work.  The piece is in two contrasting sections. The first section is one of fear and dread, the second section is a more lyrical one. Each section is repeated. The original was written for choir and orchestra, but there is a version for choir and organ that was not written by Haydn that is sometimes performed.