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Rehearsals resumed on Monday 19 August in Smithton-Culloden Free Church, Murray Road, Inverness at 7.30 pm.   It was very encouraging to see the number of members returning as well as being able to welcome new members. 

NB: There is no rehearsal on 21 October.

Stop Press: Tickets for our next concert on Saturday 2 November 2019 are £16 and £8 (students/U16s) which avoids paying Eden Court's booking fee on all ticket sales (£1 and 50p respectively). Available from Andrea or Sarah at rehearsals.


At the AGM on 3 June 2019, a number of vacancies were announced for roles within the Society. These are for:

  • Vice Chair (to take over as Chair from Angus at next year's AGM)
  • ‚ÄčMarketing/Publicity (Fran has stepped in temporarily)
  • Social team 
  • shadowing the Programme Editor 
  • managing this Website. (Elspeth Lee has taken this on)

As nobody volunteered for any of these roles at the meeting, Angus raised the matter again at the practice on 26 August and again on 2nd September. He stressed that the Society cannot function without members helping to run its affairs. If any member would like more information about any of the above roles, please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' page.


Please see this email from the Dunedin Consort:

I am emailing you to inform you about Dunedin Consort's exciting new scheme, Bridging the Gap, as it may be of interest to any young singers at Inverness Choral Society.

The Bridging the Gap Scheme was set up in 2018, and is now receiving applications for its second year. The Scheme is aimed at young singers of all voice types, who are based in Scotland and aged between 21-28 at the time of applying.

Bridging the Gap offers singers who want to develop their experience of professional ensemble singing the opportunity to perform with Scotland's leading early music ensemble, and to take part in a variety of invaluable mentoring and professional development opportunities throughout the year.

The 2019-20 Bridging the Gap Scheme will include:
An informal meet-and-greet with last year's participants and Nicholas Mulroy. 
A five day fully paid choral tour directed by Nicholas Mulroy.
A one-to-one session with Nicholas Mulroy as a follow up to the choral tour.
A professional development workshop with members of the Dunedin Consort team.

New promotional photographs, a review of existing promotional material including advice on CV and biographies, and coaching on video interviewing techniques.

A 30 minute masterclass with Jess Dandy or Rowland Wood as part of Dunedin Consort's 2019 Voice Clinics.

Applications for the 2019-20 Bridging the Gap Scheme will need to include a covering letter no longer than 500 words, a C.V. and an audio or video link to a performance of a solo work from the 17th or 18th century.

These can all be uploaded via the website by following this link:


The deadline for receiving applications is 5pm on Monday 30 September, and auditions will be held on Monday 14 October.

Singers who are shortlisted for an audition will be asked to prepare two contrasting pieces, at least one of which should be a solo excerpt from a Bach Passion or the Christmas Oratorio. They will also be asked to prepare a set piece, and will be given a short two-part sight reading test.

We hope that you are able to forward this email on to any singers whom you believe would be interested in taking part in the Bridging the Gap Scheme. If you or anyone else have questions about the Scheme, please do not hesitate to contact me at lucia@dunedin-consort.org.uk.

Furthermore, please feel free to share the link for Dunedin Consort's Bridging the Gap Scheme on any social media if you feel it is appropriate.

Lucia Capellaro



Members might also be interested in the latest e-Newsletter from The Really Big Chorus. Click here for details.


There's an opportunity to take part in a singing event in Aberdeen later this year (end of October, early November). As details about the event are currently confidential, they are posted on the Members-Only restricted page which requires the password to access.


Important notice for all members:

Inverness Choral Society is now listed on Easy Fundraising which is a portal that you should go through to order anything online.

Typically about 3% of your purchase price is donated to the Society, plus of course Gift Aid which fairly mounts up over time.  For example if you pay your car or home insurance by this method, the contribution to the Society can amount to £30 - £40 which with a large group such as ours could be quite significant.

To enter Easy Fundraising enter Google and type in Easy Fundraising.  Up comes the portal and you type in Inverness Choral Society where it says "Search for a cause".  Then on the left where it says "Browse Retailers" click this and from there you can navigate your way to your retailer of choice.

Please don't forget to use this.  You will see that you also have the option to set Easy Fundraising as a default.  We could generate quite a sizeable income through this site.



Rehearsals begin punctually at 7.30 pm so please be in your seat in good time. The conductor appreciates it if you listen to his explanations and instructions and refrain from chatting whilst he is rehearsing other sections of the choir. You should bring a pencil and eraser to each rehearsal, in order to mark your scores with the conductor's directions.

At the start of each term, the conductor provides a list of the sections to be rehearsed each week. You are expected to do regular homework before each rehearsal!

If you are singing in the concert at Eden Court, you must attend the dress rehearsal and be in your seat 15 minutes before both the rehearsal and the concert begin, i.e usually at 1.45 pm for the 2 pm rehearsal and 7.20 pm for the concert at 7.30 pm.


For formal occasions, concert dress is black for everyone: long black skirt or dress trousers and long-sleeved black blouses or tops for ladies, and black trousers and black open-necked shirts for gentlemen. Black shoes for all.

The informal dress for public events such as the annual Carolthon, coffee mornings and rehearsals at Eden Court is the choir's uniform in royal blue with its logo on the left breast.  A variety of sweatshirts, polo shirts, t-shirts and fleeces is available and can be ordered at the rehearsal break from Muriel Watson who has details of prices.


Music for each concert will available for purchase or hire at the first rehearsals in August and January. Sheila Bruce also prepares practice CD's of the individual voice parts. These are available for purchase at the rehearsal.  The price currently is £2.


For 2018/2019 the subscription is £90, £25 for under 18s and full time students. This is for the full session until the spring 2019 concert and is payable within three weeks of restarting rehearsals in August 2018. There is no reduction if you decide to attend only one half session! 

If you are a former member rejoining in January, the full fee of £90 is payable. However, if you are rejoining after an absence of more than two complete sessions you will be treated as a new member and will be entitled to pay the new member's sub of £45 (students £12.50). 

If you can't make the first rehearsal, you can usually join within the following two weeks.  But if you have to miss three or more rehearsals overall you won't be able to sing in the concert.

Choral Repertoire and the Society's Music Committee

Anyone is welcome to make suggestions for future repertoire which are then considered by the Music Committee. In addition, members are from time to time consulted on their ideas for suitable works (via a clipboard periodically circulated during rehearsals) and these suggestions are then considered by the Music Committee. This comprises our Conductor and Accompanist, Chair, Treasurer and Librarian.  



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