Rehearsal Schedule Autumn 2018

Following our performance of 'The Armed Man' on Saturday 17 November, we have now begun practising carols for the Carolthon in the Eastgate Centre on 15 December (see Events tab).


26 November rehearsal:  In case anyone missed this rehearsal, Gordon gave us some instructions for 'I saw a maiden' (Sheet 35): The first verse should be sung mf, the second mp, the third mf (with staccato first line), the fourth mf and the fifth f. Only slow down in the final 'Lullay' etc of the fifth and final verse. 

In ‘I wonder as I wander’, the altos join with the sopranos in the first verse, sing ‘ah’ in the second, the third is written in harmony, and altos hum in the 4th.

For information, we sang Carolthon folder sheets 1-7 inclusive and then all the Messiah excerpts on the list.





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