We've now covered all the works for the November concert but must all practise at home if we are to polish all three works. There's no session on Monday 16th October.


Provisional Rehearsal Schedule for Autumn 2017 (subject to change if Gordon finds that necessary):

14 August:  Mozart - Kyrie
                  Haydn - start

21 August:  Mozart - Gloria
                  Haydn - continued

28 August:  Mozart - Qui tollis
                  Haydn - continued

4 Sept:       Mozart - Sanctus/Hosanna/Benedictus

11 Sept:     Mozart: Sanctus/Hosanna/Benedictus continued

18 Sept:     Mozart: Credo

25 Sept:     Mozart: Cum sancto spiritu
                 Haydn: Insanae et Vanae Curae

2 October:  Mozart - Cum sancto spiritu continued; Gratias, Jesu Criste



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